Tazo Tea Temptations (Free Shipping)

$ 51.99

Sip your way to a beautiful day with this comforting gift. Stocked with an assortment of the finest Tazo teas from Zen and Passion, to Organic Chai and Earl Grey, they are ready to be enjoyed in an Earthenware ceramic mug. Topped off with the sweetness of a Theo organic chocolate bar and 2 biscotti cookies, this perfect gift is presented in a simple but elegant gift box.

Price Includes Shipping

Contents Include:

1 - Starbucks Vanilla Apricot Tazo Tea Box, 1.8 oz
1 - Classic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, 3 oz
1 - Maroon Mug, 11oz; 2 - Starbucks Vanilla Almond Biscotti, 1.35 oz
2 - Starbucks Calm Tazo Teabag,
2 - Starbucks Zen Tazo Teabag
2 - Starbucks Awake Tazo Teabag

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