Fields of Lavender - Ultimate Spa Basket (Free Shipping)

$ 96.99

This lovely Spring Gift Basket evokes fragrant fields of lavender and relaxing afternoons at the spa. A beautiful white slat basket holds everything needed for a perfect spa and tea getaway. This special gift includes: A box of Tazo Passion tea, lavender shower gel, soothing lavender body lotion, a luxurious lavender bath bar, Refreshing Lavender body mist, loofah, a candle, Godiva® wrapped dark chocolate Truffles and Lacey's toffee cookies. This gift is soothing and sensational!

Price Includes Shipping

Contents Include:

1 - Lavender Body Lotion, 8.75 fl oz
1 - Lavender Shower Gel, 8.5 fl oz
1 - Lavender Bath Bar, 3.5 oz
1 - Cookies, 1.10 oz
1 - Starbuck Tazo Tea, 2.1 oz
1 - Candles, 2x5
1 - Bath Sponge
1 - Lavender Body Mist, 6.5 fl oz
1 - Godiva Truffles, 4 oz

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